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Creative Workers

Creative Workers


Tracking the number of creative workers in the 6% Place is the primary indicator we will use to measure success. As we set out to research how to find creative workers, we quickly encountered a problem: after 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau no longer collected data about people's jobs in the Decennial Census. (In place of the long-form Census survey, the American Community Survey now collects data about people's jobs, but it only samples a small percentage of the population, which, on the scale of a neighborhood, results in too high a margin of error). Given that we wanted to measure the percentage of creative workers, no longer having detailed vocational data for Garfield posed a problem.

So we set out to make our own census, and in 2012, with the support of the Heinz Endowments and the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation, we did exactly that. We knocked on every door in the 6% Place, had census-takers on-hand at two monthly Unblurred art night events along Penn Avenue, and advertised an online survey through e-blasts, flyers, and articles in the local media (including The Bulletin, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Tribune-Review, and WESA FM).

Additionally, we created the Garfield Freelancers Database, a directory of freelance workers in Garfield and beyond, which Garfield Creative Census respondents could opt to join at the end of the survey. Since many creative workers are independent contractors, the Freelancers Database further incentivized participation in the census. We hope it will serve as a resource for finding local talent as well as to highlight the creativity of Garfield residents.

This is what we found:

Creative Workers
(with a creative primary or secondary job)
Creative Hobbyists (without a creative primary or secondary job)
All areas13550
6% Place Zone3717


In the 6% Place Zone, we counted 29 primary-job creative workers, 8 secondary-job creative workers, and 17 creative hobbyists (without a creative primary or secondary job).

cityLAB estimates that 728 workers (excluding children and retired people) live in the 6% Place Zone. Primary-job creative workers as a percentage of the worker population estimate is 3.9% creative workers.


From the 6% Place Zone, we received 66 responses. We counted 125 workers and 160 total people, including children and retired people.

We received a total of 189 responses to the Garfield Creative Census from all areas (from as close as Garfield and as far away as Loveland, Ohio, 278 miles from Garfield), and 92 unique entries to the Garfield Freelancers Database.