6% Place Tracking Tools

Tracking change in one Pittsburgh neighborhood.

6% is the number, the tipping point. Studies have shown that a worker population with just 6% of creative workers can tip the balance towards a neighborhood that is thriving. cityLAB is testing this idea in Pittsburgh's Garfield neighborhood with the 6% Place. Our goal is to fill in the neighborhood's vacancies with creative workers who will both benefit from Garfield's existing amenities and invest in the neighborhood's future.

cityLAB's 6% Place book outlined a number of indicators of economic and community development that we set out to track in the 6% Place Zone, a section of Pittsburgh's Garfield neighborhood bounded by Matilda Street to the west, Broad Street to the north, Negley Avenue to the east, and Penn Avenue to the south.

This website is a home for these Tracking Tools, including the results from cityLAB's first-ever Garfield Creative Census, taken in 2012. We will add updated maps over time so neighborhood residents and stakeholders can track change in Garfield over the years to come.

Questions? Email us at maps@citylabpgh.org.

Our thanks to our friends at PNCIS for their advice at the outset of this endeavor.